2005 : Water well digging in the village of Warzame
, 160 feet deep. Two committees, one of women and another one of men are in charge of the well management.

2006 : Creation of a local organization Fina Tawa Touroutètèré
« Cultural journey development », which is our representative on the ground. The organization is made of an assembly of elders, representing different languages, cultures, and traditions from 5 villages: Bakporé, Sananbulsi, Nanano, Warzamé and Djéfako.

2008-2010: Sustainability development project in the field of agricultural farming in the village of Nanano. It measures 262f x 196f, of cultivated land growing food: The villagers hard dug four wells to provide water for farming, but the wells were constantly collapsing due to the traditional way of building, which doesn’t use any concrete, and does not allow to reach sufficient depth. Therefore the subsequent lack of water didn’t allow to irrigate the whole field.

September 2008 : Purchase of tools, as shovel, watering-can, wheelbarrow…
Feb 2009 : Cultivation of a medicinal herb “Artémisia annua”, recognized from the World Health Organization and numerous other health authorities, as the only source of the most potent active substances which fight malaria, a sickness which kills a child every 30 seconds in Africa.
In development : It is necessary to consolidate the existing wells of the agricultural field. The cost of one well is 4000 us dollars. Fina Tawa is looking for funds for this project.

From 25 feb to 8 march 2009: Solidarity Trip in Burkina Faso
, which allows to set up the following projects:

Feb 2009 : Water well digging in Borri, 210 feet deep, providing essential drinkable water to 300 villagers.

Feb 2009 : Distribution of 440 lbs of medication, school materials, clothes and seeds. This was distributed by 10 travelers. The donation was shared between Nabou healthcenter, educational centers from Tianré and Warzamé, Nanano school, and the villagers.

Feb 2009 : Purchase of fulani handcraft made by the village women: calabashes, table mats, fulani soap, shea butter, which will be sold during our demonstrations.

Feb 2009 : Donation
of a numeric camera and a laptop to our representative in Burkina Faso, which will allow them to coordinate and build more projects.

March 2009 : Organizing an educational center in the language of foulfouldé
, in Warzamé, for the year 2009, in partnership with the organization ACTIF, our local partner, which manages the lessons in the center. There are actually 32 participants learning to read and write in their own language. We are looking for financial support to pay the 1333 us dollars for the year 2010.

March 2009 : Organizing a pen pal system
between a primary school in Nanano-Burkina Faso, and a primary school in Ajaccio-Corsica.